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Don't Let Bugs Get the Best of You


est. 1900

Don't Let Bugs Get the Best of You

Important Details About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are often what people think about when they think about pests and infestations. With a reputation of being nearly undefeatable, you may not have any idea what to do when you see a cockroach dart across your kitchen floor. Never fear! Birch Fumigators is here! We can help you avoid and exterminate cockroaches in your home, apartment, or business. If you have any questions about cockroach extermination, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to help.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

Cockroaches have long antennae and six legs, with the latter being somewhat long and spiny. They are flat on the bottom and rounded upfront, allowing them to hide in tiny cracks or fissures that touch both the top side and underside of their body. Immature cockroaches, known as nymphs, look like small, wingless versions of adult cockroaches. They are typically 1/4 to 1/2 the size of adults and have a light brown or tan color. Nymphs do not have the characteristic spiny legs of adults, and their antennae are much shorter.

Problems Caused By Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are a health hazard because they can contaminate food with their feces and saliva. They can also spread disease-causing bacteria.

What To Do If You Have A Cockroach Infestation?

1. Roaches may also be found in clean settings. It is a widespread misconception that a roach infestation only happens in unsanitary places, although it will be more likely if there is a lot more food available.
2. Cockroaches are commonly found in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants. If you have roaches in your business, it is important to take steps to get rid of them as soon as possible as they can cause health problems for both you and your customers.
3. A clean kitchen is a must. Roaches will look for humid areas with water or excessive dampness to lay their eggs. The sink in the kitchen should never be full of dishes or standing water.
4. The major aim of a roach is food waste. They can eat grease left on cooktops or particles of food that fall behind appliances or furniture.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to call a professional pest control company like Birch Fumigators. We have the experience and expertise to get rid of your cockroach problem quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Birch Fumigators offers pest control services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. With over 100 years of experience, we are experts in cockroach extermination and can help you get rid of these pesky pests quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Facts About Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the world
  • Cockroaches primarily come out for water, not food.
  • They can live a month without food, but only a week without water.
  • They thrive in all conditions, from deserts to the arctic.
  • Cockroaches are white for a short while immediately after shedding.
  • They spend over 75% of their time resting.

Professional Pest Control Services

Don't let bugs take over - call Birch Fumigators today! Get a Free Estimate (Within the Edmonton Area). Go with the best pest control company Edmonton.

Professional Pest Control Services

Don't let bugs take over - call Birch Fumigators today! Get a Free Estimate (Within the Edmonton Area). Go with the best pest control company Edmonton.

Thousands of Satisfied customers

Jackie Haberstock
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I called Birch to have a hornets nest removed from under my overhang. Not only did they remove a very large nest with very angry wasps, but while they were explaining what they did, they noticed an ant nest on my patio that they quickly took care of!
Goldie Newman
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Haleem has been coming here for a number of years. He is always on time, courteous and efficient. It is a pleasure to have him take care of our rodent and insect problems. I would highly recommend him and Birch Fumigators' for all your pest related issues.
Michelle Hildebrand
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We have an older home and have had problems with mice for years. We now have an ongoing service contract set up with Birch and Haleem has been taking great care of us. Mice are no longer a problem. Can't say enough about the great service we have had!
T.J. Scott
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Had a carpenter ant problem in my basement walls and outside my home. I chose to go with Birch Fumigators because Brian was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and he answered all my questions with honesty and integrity. Their pricing is fair, and Im very satisfied knowing that the carpenter ants are all gone!!!! I would highly recommend Birch Fumigators.
Joanna Wong
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I have used Birch for all my issues with pests at my rental properties. Their techs has always been professional and they do take care of the problem. The techs are even willing to talk to you in detail about the problem, what they are doing to deal with it and how to prevent it. I have never had any problems with them and have always found them professional and responsive. Would definitely continue to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, pests can build resistance to treatments over time, especially if the same pesticide is used repeatedly. This is why it’s important to use a variety of control methods and not to rely solely on pesticides for pest control. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches, which include a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods, are less likely to result in resistance and are often more effective in the long run. Regularly rotating the types of pesticides used and working with a professional pest control service can also help prevent resistance.

If you see pests after a treatment, don’t panic. It’s normal to see some pests shortly after treatment as they are driven out of their hiding places by the pesticides. However, if you continue to see pests a week or two after the treatment, or if the numbers don’t seem to be decreasing, you should contact your pest control provider. They can assess the situation and determine if additional treatments are necessary.

There are options for cockroach pest control that are kind to the environment and animals, like using natural remedies or traps where the cockroaches can get out after being caught. It is best to ask a professional pest control company such as Birch Fumigators to decide what the best option is for your particular situation.

Cockroaches can ruin your things by chewing on them or leaving poop on them. It is important to keep your home clean and free of extra stuff to prevent this from happening.

Dead cockroaches should go in a sealed bag or container so that bacteria and diseases do not spread. It is important to wash your hands after touching dead cockroaches.

Natural remedies can be effective in controlling and repelling cockroaches to some extent, but their efficacy may vary depending on the extent of the infestation and the specific species of cockroach. Here are some natural remedies that can help in managing cockroach problems:

  1. Diatomaceous earth: A natural, non-toxic powder made from fossilized algae, diatomaceous earth damages the exoskeleton of cockroaches and dehydrates them, eventually causing their death. Sprinkle it around areas where cockroaches frequent or in cracks and crevices.
  2. Boric acid: A natural compound that acts as a stomach poison to cockroaches, boric acid can be used in powder form to treat infested areas. Apply it in thin layers along baseboards, under appliances, and in other hiding spots. However, use caution as boric acid can be toxic to pets and humans if ingested.
  3. Baking soda and sugar: Mix equal parts baking soda and sugar and place the mixture in small containers or jar lids near cockroach-infested areas. The sugar attracts the roaches, while the baking soda reacts with their stomach acid, producing gas that kills them.
  4. Essential oils: Certain essential oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil, can act as natural repellents for cockroaches. Mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle and apply it to infested areas.
  5. Traps: Homemade traps can be an effective way to catch and eliminate cockroaches. One simple method is to place a container with a small amount of food (e.g., bread soaked in beer) in an area where cockroaches are present. Apply petroleum jelly to the inner sides of the container to prevent the roaches from escaping.
  6. Cleaning and maintenance: Maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment is essential for deterring cockroaches. Regularly clean surfaces, vacuum floors, seal food containers, and fix any plumbing leaks to minimize potential food sources and hiding spots for cockroaches.


While natural remedies can help manage cockroach infestations, they may not be sufficient for large or persistent infestations. In such cases, consulting with a professional pest control company for a more comprehensive solution is advisable.

To steer clear of an unpleasant cockroach invasion, it is essential to maintain a spotless car devoid of crumbs and clutter. Food sources and humid conditions attract these bugs; therefore, by keeping your vehicle clean you can avoid any undesirable visitors.

If you have cockroaches in your apartment or multi-unit building, it is important to tell the building management and work with a professional pest control company like Birch Fumigators to get rid of them.

Cockroaches can indeed infest outdoor spaces such as yards if conditions are favourable. They are attracted to food sources like organic debris, compost, and waste, as well as water sources and sheltered, moist areas. Warmth and outdoor lighting can also attract them. To minimize the risk of an outdoor infestation, it’s advisable to keep the yard clean, fix leaks, avoid over-watering, seal outdoor trash and compost bins, and maintain a clear area free of dense vegetation and debris around the building’s foundation.

A professional pest control company such as Birch Fumigators will be able to provide you with a thorough treatment plan and a follow-up plan to ensure your home is safe and cockroach-free.

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